Welcome to Indonesia, a country that is unlike any other country you know about in Asia. Indonesia, with the wealth of the most beautiful natural resources on earth, has the potential for ecotourism which is still have to be explored, and we will tailor it to your taste. We cover every area on the map, even to hard-to-reach spots. Just dream up a tour in Indonesia, then we will make it real for you.

About Us

JOGJA TRAVEL WISATA (JTW) [JE TE WE] is a travel agency that was founded in 2010 based in Yogyakarta, our name used to be Wap Tour Indonesia. History of establishment can not be separated from its owner Wahyudi Mihardja a man that has been in the world of tourism since the 1980's as a guide, artist, lecturer and activist in the HPI (Indonesian Tourist Guide Assosiation) and ASITA Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies Yogyakarta. In daily life he is currently a lecturer in English Literature and entrepreneurship.

Our Services

JOGJA TRAVEL WISATA, a well established company, is one of the new in Local Tour Operating field in Indonesia. We are making good steps from top quality services towards perfection and as an outcome, we are widely recognized among Airline Companies, Hotels, and most of all, our most Valued Clients. Our company is manned by the staff members who are good qualified, well trained and courteous. We provide excellent, dedicated and professional Travel and Tourism Services to clients. We specialize in all types of outdoor tourism: adventure travel, ecotourism, nature tourism, rural tourism, and outdoor education. We cater eco-tourism programs with excellent services and at every trip; we ensure the transport is interesting and safe. Moreover, we specialize in multiple destination tour programs in Java Bali Overland, Sumatera, Kalimantan (Borneo) , Sulawesi (Celebes), Maluku (Moluccas), Papua and other small islands.

The Aims

JOGJA TRAVEL WISATA operates ecotourism that is good for the environment and the community. We understand that sustainable tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically liable. Travelers can make a positive contribution to the places they visit and bring financial benefits to local communities. We have coordination with the tourism industry in every aspect through cooperation between the local community, travel industry people and the government authorities to develop mutual beneficial programs without harming the local culture and the environment. Our friendly and informative tour guides are well skilled professionals with good knowledge on the local cultures, environment and the local products. We promote tours that provide visitors and opportunity to experience its unique culture heritage. ancient and historical sites, arts and crafts related to local people, and their delicious cuisine. Our objective is to offer visitors a learning experience through our tours while enjoying their holidays. We are committed to offering outstanding travel destinations which result in positive experiences for both travelers and host communities. Our basic philosophy is to provide a personalized service and to care for the smallest details.

We provide knowledge of destinations, contacts with leading hotels, restaurants and well trained guides. We are pleased to offer our advice on popular attractions, journey times, and details on destinations where possible. Our desire is to make sure that you will get to know and love Indonesia. Moreover, we aim to share our experience and information with people who wish to discover all aspects of their journey. We all have passion to offer our clients to have an exciting and memorable trip to these fascinating countries.

JOGJA TRAVEL WISATA is the name we are proud of and thus, we all wish to keep forever as reliable, prompt, sound, punctual, attentive and efficient as possible as we care for you.

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